Andriu Deplazes – BLIND IN THE SEA WEEDS


Pictures by Neven Allgeier

Curated by Celena Ohmer

07/07/18 – 05/08/18

Located in the cellar of the Haggerston pub, Dalston, London, LUNGLEY Gallery opened in January 2018 and offers young emerging artists from all over the world the opportunity to exhibit new work and push ideas.

Founded by Mark Lungley, the space was built in response to issues surrounding higher education, property prices, and public funding cuts, that all threaten the future of London as a capital for culture and a place to live making it more difficult than ever for artists to sustain an art practice.

The gallery is of modest proportions measuring just 3×4 meters and offers a host of new possibilities and limitations for artists. The old coal bunker next door has been converted into a project space complete with original coal hole that can be used by artists to try something perhaps they felt they can’t do in the traditional gallery setting. 

Andriu Deplazes: BLIND IN THE SEA-WEEDS, an exhibition of new paintings and drawings curated by Celena Ohmer is currently on show. This is the artists first solo show in London, the linchpin and fulcrum of the exhibition are Andriu Deplazes pen and ink drawings, presented here publicly for the first time, in which, amongst other things, he records fleeting moments from everyday life ad hoc, creating fragments that then become the basis for motifs in his paintings. 

These ink drawings, however, predominantly restricted to black-and-white, present more than just an exciting accompaniment to his colour-intensive, figurative oil paintings. In their incompleteness, they allow an intimate access on the part of the viewer to the painting process.

Deplazes primarily creates analyses of human and societal conditions, inter-human relations and sexuality, which oscillate between fiction, research, concealment and invocation. With this he does not seek that which is complete, but rather that constitutive moment of a process that allows ambivalence to appear clearly and so evoke the viewer’s own anxiety.

Andriu Deplazes lives and works in Brussels. He was recently the subject of a solo exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland and winner of the prestigious Helvetia Art Prize at Liste in Basel last year as well as the Manor Art Prize 2019.