Lauren Elder

Lauren Elder
b.1990 , Los Angeles

Fascinated by the language of objects, symbols and logos, Elder, through her sculptural practice attempts to find parallels between these themes and explores the unique way in which they function as an alphabet and map. Through appropriation of existing forms and symbols and their subtle manipulation, Elder has twisted their language to become adapted and unique to her. These new forms then create their own fictionalized history that runs alongside any prior narrative that the object or symbol has enshrined within.

Working with three distinct processes Elder attempts to use the manufacturing methods of high capitalism as a means of self-critique. Works are printed onto mirrored acrylic, vacuum formed around artist-designed blocks, or moulded and constructed into sculptural forms, these then become connected via their function, mapping out a plan or set of instructions.


2012 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelor of Fine Arts Emphasis- Art & Technology / Sculpture
2008 Idyllwild Arts Academy


2015 Upcoming Solo Show Lyles & King Gallery NYC, NY Upcoming Miami Dutch Show Shoot the Lobster NYC, NY Blue Pacific Rod Barton Gallery, London, UK
2014 When Was the Last Time You Did Something For the First Time? with Miami Dutch, QT Chicago, IL 2013 Tribe 2 Tribe West Lane South London, UK
Immune Stability with Amalia Ulman atSteve Turner Contemporary Los Angeles, CA 2010 Duel Church Porch Gallery, Chicago, IL


2014 Got Tortilla with Butter on Phone. Think it’s the End? curated by Mikkel Carl Rod Barton London, UK Sundown Stock & Exchange For Your Art Los Angeles, CA
Quantified Self Curated by Emma Hazen Amo Studios NYC, NY
Data. Mine Conflux Curated by Ofluxo Neverland Space
Forza Mini Bar Space Stockholm

2013 Mawu Lisa II curated by Amalia Ulman at Courtney Blades Chicago, IL
Sneakerotics curated by Robin Peckham at Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong Kong
Institute Bianche with Miami Dutch curated by Harry Burke at Library Plus London, United Kingdom Short Visits to Different Worlds curated by Sabrine Ratte at WUFF Winnipeg, Canada
Reality Fluids Nhow Milano Hotel Milan, Italy
3D Screening Autumn Space Gallery Chicago, IL
Notes on New Nature: Place, Myth & Memory with Bea Fremderman curated by
Nicholas O’Brien at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam, Netherlands
QT Gallery Benefit Auction Peregrine Program Chicago, IL
Analogital curated by Aaron Moulton at UMOCA Salt Lake City, UT

2012 TimeZones Pop Up-Art Loop Chicago, IL
SNAFU Oliver Francis Gallery Dallas, TX
Allstate with No-New Info at Robert Bills Contemporary Chicago, IL
Findings, Decisions, Orders Sullivan Galleries Chicago, IL
Spring Notes on Motivational Teamwork Artbook at MOMA PS1 NYC, NY

2011 Topio Tosy with No-New Info at Courtney Blades Chicago, IL BYOB Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, IL Young Contemporaries Courtney Blades Chicago, IL
Browsing with Kunsthalle New at Megamall Chicago, IL Mawu-Lisa curated by Amalia Ulman at New Gallery London, UK Hypercapitalism curated by Claudia Hart at NYC, NY
BYOB Minneapolis organized by Travis Stearns Minneapolis, NE
Version Fest:TLVVSN Co-Prospherity Sphere Chicago, IL
BYOB Chicago organized by N. O’Brien & B.Khek at Kunsthalle New Chicago, IL Free 4 All curated by Barmecidal Projects at Butcher Gallery Toronto, Canasa BYOB London organized by Kernel at The Woodmill London, UK
The Simulationists with Lenox-Lenox at Betty Rymer Gallery Chicago, IL

2010 All my Greys with No-New Info at Knock Knock Gallery Chicago, IL Monument 2 Version Fest Chicago, IL