Alexander Ruthner

Maria Schumacher

Janes Haid-Schmallenberg

Vika Prokopaviciute

Katharina Höglinger

Katharina Schilling

Johannes Bendzulla

Tom Król

Ralph Schuster

5. Termine:
18/07/2020 — 31/07/2020
— Exhibtion
Palermo oder Höchst
Ludwigstraße 187
Svenja Anna Bach
25/06/2020 — 08/08/2020
— Exhibtion
Do Not Touch-Installation and reading concept as a debrief at ACUD Galerie
ACUD Galerie
Pauline Canavesio, APART Collective, Ana Gzirishvili, Shirin Mohammad, Virgil B/G Taylor and Sam Richardson, developed and curated by Paula Durinova and Giulia Valenti
17/07/2020 — 09/08/2020
— Exhibtion
Anna Banout & Clementine Butler-Gallie
18/06/2020 — 12/09/2020
— Exhibtion
Manuel Stehli: sober speech
Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin
Manuel Stehlu
10/06/2020 — 08/08/2020
— Exhibtion
BERND ZIMMER. TERRAnaut Malerei. Die Idee Stoa169
Galerie Jahn Pfefferle
Bernd Zimmer
10/09/2020 — 20/09/2020
— Announcement
Theaterfestival Favoriten 2020 – Performance, Dance, Talks
Theater im Depot
Programme will be published on June 24th
06/06/2020 — 13/12/2020
— Exhibtion
John Miller – An Elixir of Immortality
Schinkel Pavillon
John Miller
6. News:
Shipping Edition 2020
Dear friends, due to the circumstances and our capacity we are only able to ship once a month. Next shipping will be on the 3.8. Take care and stay in good health!