Katharina Höglinger – a posture for something else



Pictures by Jakob Rathmanner

A posture for something else refers to recurring, loosely painted motifs in works by artist Katharina Höglinger (*1983), which embody various postures: someone working on a more confident posture, a posture for change, family postures, posture for resistance, 5 min posture for giving it a chance. While the artist usually remains two-dimensional in the outline, the title points to a scope for action and a possible form of movement in the picture – a politically motivated movement which follows the question of the condition of the possibility of human beings to assert a certain purpose by choice of posture (attitude) beyond objectification.
What is depicted does not represent objects only, but rather: suggestions to reinvent ourselves as active individuals, and reinterpret the environment as material of our thinking and feeling(instead of subordinating ourselves to whatever expectations): Self portrait as struggling flowers.
In this form, Höglinger’s symbolism helps us grasp our ontology by putting it onto the canvas, marking it with her signature and therefore making it accessible. At the same time, it illustrates
the possibility of free choice, of taking the opportunity to recapture the means of selfdetermination as human beings (and artists): Don t let anyone control your palette.
The aim is therefore necessarily that someone feels addressed, – that the picture gets ‘Liked’ in an expanded sense. For this purpose, Katharina Höglinger uses the technique of borrowing
(Richard Wollheim). In addition to historical models (Carrying Raphael) and the works of contemporary artists, everything is potentially a visual source for image reference. The challenge is to expand the subject matter in a certain way. Höglinger tries this by, as it were, completing a train of thought, and shows what the chosen motive or topic could be to us: 8 apples from him*her to you personally (helping you cope with your situation), no nutcracker at home, I wanted to crack nuts for you (F. M.). Unobtrusively intrusive, the artist leads us into a suggestive pictorial world in which objects fit into surrealistic compositions. A central element is the alienation of objects from their usual function: a tower made of apples or nuts is more than part of the food chain, it provides comfort, it becomes a personal message for the one who needs the message at the time (Free fruits for Sebastian). In a kind of humorous way in which Höglinger appropriates surroundings and objects of everyday life, a defiant and resistant moment also comes through – an incentive not to surrender to constraints and control, and to relentlessly confront ‘the’ reality with our own realities.
From 2004 to 2011, Katharina Höglinger studied painting at the University of Art and Design in Linz and at the Weissensee Art College in Berlin. Most recently, her work has been exhibited at: Cooper Cole Gallery (Toronto, CAN), Mauve (Vienna, A), SORT (New York, USA), Whitedwarf Projects (Vienna, A), mi1glissé (Berlin, D), and Limbus (Basel, CH)

Flora Peyrer-Heimstätt