Okka-Esther Hungerbühler – Willkommen im neuen Jahr


At the beginning, it is the fire, the overwhelming energy, the characters are developing and introduced.

Transformation, magic and fantastic abilities, life is enriched and heroes are born.

The exhibition space transforms into a dream world, the gallery becomes a stage, various rooms pervaded by scenic displays.

We are met with the worm character. He is a simple form of life, tubular, without limbs but the ability to move.

Muscle, alimentary organ, is there any reason to be more? Just to not be eaten by a bird or to have the ability to handle a phone? Could he only be a caterpillar, able to transform into the butterfly and fly away? Like the opposing sculpture in she gently lifts their arms, but is never getting off the ground, tragic, but elegant.

The tragedy of these sculptures lies in the choice of the chosen materials, in the contradiction of the simple mediums and their desire to be beautiful and eternal.

The wrapping paper is uplifted from it’s everyday humility and steps onto the center of the stage. But it is not prettily draped and folded, it is the crumbled shell of a new creature, a being of a supposable simple form in which we meet the worm again, erected, leaving the stage of creeping behind. He developed a will, to stand up and to be a follower at last.

The protagonists stay poor of characteristics, no deeper expression is inscribed.

Therefore we are met with enigmatic creatures, lonely characters, which descended from the stage, crossing the rooms and wander between arranged paintings.

Strikingly painted moments of metamorphosis Narration, cycle, tragedy, beginning and the end. In between meanders life.

Philipp Haverkampf is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Okka-Esther Hungerbühler (*1988 in Bonn, lives and works in Berlin), at Philipp Haverkampf Gallery.

10629 BERLIN