Paulina Semkowicz – Bathing Suit & Surroundings


Paulina Semkowicz born in Kraków, Poland is currently based in Vienna. She studied painting and scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, Poland. Her practice approaches different artistic domains such as painting, installation and set design as she is deeply influenced by theaters’ scenery, a milieu in which she evolves as a scenography painter since a couple of years. In the exhibition « Bathing Suit & Surroundings », she mixes the medias in greater dimensions to create an immersive atmosphere and an emotional context allowing one towards an elsewhere. According to Paulina Semkowicz, the objects have a spirit: they are esoteric characters putting in question objecthood and personhood as an authentic artistic concept. The Bathing Suit is the protagonist of the exhibition. Superstar of the summer, it can be hype and normcore, embracing the bodies and hiding what History has decided to forbid. As the bathing bodies lay in pleasure by relaxing into a flying and healing sensation, this piece of clothing is the only clue to give away a bit of the psyche. Multiple forms are running in the background highlighting the central subject: this small item of textile is evolving curiously in these Nature and Landscapes, echoing to the human oddity. Paulina Semkowicz’ practice and her peculiar aura tell us stories; she creates narratives rocked by her inner imagination. Situations are fantasies, mystical and surreal.

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