and we`re pumping thunder

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Rene Spitzer// and we`re pumping thunder

What is a statue? In six consecutive exhibitions, Da in die Front invites seven artists to expand the statue’s visual appearance. The topic of this series of exhibitions derives from my own work. Its title however refers to a text by Christian Klemm on the busts of Alberto Giacometti. The bust, understood as a fragment of a statue, was the subject of the previous group exhibition “Da instinktiv die Frontalansicht dominiert,...” (“As instinctively the frontal view predominates,...”), which took place in 2017 and presented work by Nina Nowak, Philipp Röcker, Thomas Schütte and myself. In the exhibition series Da in die Front I continue this exploration and invite seven artists to join me. The word “statue” – which brackets my work – enables me to open (up) a space within which I aim to expand the aforementioned term. This invitation is therefore born not of an illustrative interest but rather seeks potential connections across a variety of media and different artistic approaches.
And we are pumping thunder, gathers works produced by Rene Spitzer throughout his career. The art pieces meet, inevitably. Worlds collide and the collision brings together various moments of Spitzer’s career in the reminiscence of his oeuvre allowing glimpses at important benchmarks in the artist’s biography. The contrast of old and new works shows clearly how the latter, by way of choosing a limited range of colours, actually contain the full chromatic scale. Rooted in a strong background as a painter, Rene Spitzer follows his instincts and alternates materials naturally, thus at Da in die Front he presents paintings, prints and digital art as well as sculptures. Each in its own specificity, never does a work lose contact with the artist’s production. He understands each change of material as an addition to the factuality of existence and diversifying the experimentation with qualities he allows himself to gain ever further answers to the one burning question: he wants to know, what is there, where he has not yet been. Therefore, he constructs for instance statuettes of that, that he has not yet experienced himself. However, he must move forward and each new movement questions the freshly found answer, inducing in all resolutions a relentless loss of relevance, prompting the artist to leave his location, cross the already existing and traverse a further world anew .

Matthias Grotevent
 März 2020

Rene Spitzer// and we`re pumping thunder

Opening: 13.03.2020, 6–10 pm

Saturday: 14./21./28.03./ 04./11./18./25.04. 2020, 11 am–2pm

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Da in die Front// artist list

Peter Ewig, Camillo Grewe, Christine Moldrickx, Angela Fette, Christoph Westermeier/ Jurgen Ots, Rene Spitzer