How do you feel about “Lou”?

How do you feel about “Louˮ? is an interdisciplinary collaboration between
Anaïs Horn and Eilert Asmervik, consisting of a body of work initiated during
the experience of an unexpected pregnancy, provoked by ideas of faith, desire
and destiny.
Assembling photographs, paintings, videos, drawings, sculptures and
personal objects, extending from their first meeting in October 2019 into the
beginning of the new decade, encompassing the miscarriage, the surgery that
followed, as well as the development of their relationship to each other, the
installation – in contrast to a didactic monologue – relates openness and
intimacy with vagueness and ambivalence.
The intention of the artists’ open approach to a scenario in which the
trustworthy Western tool of rational thought and cognitive decision-making
have repeatedly failed, is for the viewers to resonate freely and create their
own ideas, interpretations and meanings around the installation and to
subjectively weave loose threads.
The exhibition is accompanied by an artist’s book interweaving material from
the period in question with contributions by Delphine Bedel, Adrian
Buschmann, Anna Gien, Irmi Horn, Joakim Mathisen, Katharina Manojlovic,
Laura Schawelka, Andy Schumacher, Daniela Trost and Verena Walzl, with
the aim to open up, expand, abstract and nuance the dialogue around the
topic with new ideas and perspectives.
How do you feel about “Lou” is published by Meta/Books, Amsterdam.