Yan Tomaszewski

Rivière de corps

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For his solo show at Contemporary art center / Passages, Yan Tomaszewski has linked works from several of his projects. Usually working in large sets anchored in specific contexts, the artist creates sculptural worlds and films intertwining mythology with reality. The exhibition “Rivière de corps” offers an unprecedented articulation of works extracted from their original contexts. Drawing on projects such as Tchouri (2018), Khthon (2019) and Gangnam Beauty (2021), Tomaszewski rearranges his works and produces new ones under the sign of corporeality. Strange glass beings are displayed on stainless steel devices reminiscent of a laboratory or a surgery clinic. Questioning the body, be it social or individual, these organic, human and non-human forms have in common the dissection of existing or potential identities.  The title of the exhibition, “Rivière de corps” – taking as it is the name of a city bordering Troyes – evokes the fluidity of a fragmented and dispersed political body.
Yan Tomaszewski / Centre d'art contemporain / Passages