Bonny Poon

Off The Wall

Project Info

  • 💙 City Galerie Wien
  • 💚 Antonia Lia Orsi
  • 🖤 Bonny Poon
  • 💜 Bonny Poon
  • 💛 Sophie Thun, Gabriele Rothemann

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Das Gegenteil von ‘gut’ is ‘gut gemeint.’ - unknown ‘You love when I fall apart (fall apart) so you can put me together and throw me against the wall’ - Rihanna In the aftermath, I set upon a journey to set straight a maze of human bondage and debt. Is it worth unpacking who or what belonged to whom or what, when every moment was a fight to stay sovereign?  So much talk of freedom when it seems what we crave is to live and relive moments of being shackled. We play hide and seek with our own emotional helplessness: on a church pew; in a bank vault; before a sunset. And in every sublime experience that sings of our dissolution, again, demons come to surface.
Bonny Poon