Gianin Conrad

bedingt physisch

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The title of the exhibition bedingt physisch (engl.: somewhat physical) refers to the metaphysical, temporary space between things, between people, between thing and performance. – Artistically and musically, Gianin Conrad and Quirina Lechmann pose the question of the ephemeral but formative nature of a thing, an activity. – Something they are also pursuing with the exhibition space Scala Trun. Conrad and Lechmann jointly organize the non-profit exhibition space Scala Trun, in the Bünder mountains, far away from supposed art centers. Their work is exemplary for all initiatives by artists providing basic cultural work outside of the large centers, creating new art spots where one would not initially expect them. Gianin Conrad thinks and works sculpturally. For him, however, objects are rather situations in a place or things that bring about or manipulate certain situations. For him, objects are therefore not something static, but rather moments that trigger a movement. As an opera singer, Quirina Lechmann works with the concept of perfect staging as we know it from the stage. In her performance practice, however, she uncouples this from the actual, written piece and allows the liberated staging to proliferate freely.
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