Eglė Simkus

The Fundamental Symbiosis

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For her latest project, titled «The Fundamental Symbiosis,» Eglė Šimkus explores the position of human beings within the living world. Through sculptures made of stoneware, infused with surreal and science-fictional elements, she challenges traditional forms and established standards of beauty. By using clay as the primary material and delving into deep introspection, she invites the viewer into a dreamlike world populated by chimeras and fantastical beings. Her sculptures draw inspiration from imaginary peoples from a distant past, living in perfect symbiosis with their environment. In doing so, she creates a new mythology to inspire the present through a fantasized vision. What she presents to the world resembles an archaeological discovery, fragments of human stories straight out of another world. The «Transhuman» pieces evoke human presence on Earth and its constant evolution. These hybrid phantom beings are clad in a garment of pure platinum, created using the third-fire method, paying homage to the numerous ancestral customs unique to humans. The «Lava» sculptures embody earthly power and the volcanic matter that springs forth from it. These frozen beings represent to her the depths of the earth but also the darkness of the unconscious within us. The black obtained through the mixture of several layers of black glazes is deep and organic, seemingly in constant turmoil. The «Eukaryota» collection draws its inspiration from the three realms of the living world: animals, fungi, and plants. The forms intertwine fluidly, allowing imagination to roam freely. The predominant color of «Eukaryota» sculptures is a «Tapaze» white, achieved through skillful layering of various enamels and engobes. It’s an invitation to contemplate the interdependence of species and the beauty of diversity while questioning our role in this complex ecosystem. Eglė Šimkus’s artistic work seeks to evoke an emotional connection with nature and encourage introspection on our place in the living world.
Egle Simkus