Raphaël Bastide and Louise Drulhe – Renaming the Web


Pictures by Quentin Dubret

Overcoming internet users’ self-inflicted helplessnes
An artistic approach between editorial cartoon and manifest“Renaming the Web”, the collaboration between Raphaël Bastide and Louise Drulhe, sketches an approach to rebuild the Web in a way that abolishes the barrier between producers and consumers.
Initially, the web was designed to democratize the publication of information, according to Louise Drulhe; but “today this spirit of the Web has given way to private enterprises that supply the large spaces where they allow us to communicate.” With this happening, the original peer-to-peer structure became more and more centralized, with the power over the publication infrastructure concentrated in the hands of a small group.
Using alternative technologies the two artist hope to reverse this process. When using genuine peer-to-peer technology, there are no central servers. Instead, all participating computer are used to save data and become servers themselves.
But this is only the first step toward a network, which consists of participants instead of consumers. Additionally to a decentralized networking architecture, publication tools are needed that do not require an overly detailed knowledge of computer technology in order to be used.
This is the starting point for Raphaël Bastide and Louise Drulhe for showing – with a light-hearted style in a serious matter – ways to alternative networking structures.(tl)