Alexander Ruthner

Maria Schumacher

Andi Fischer

Jan Zöller

Maximilian Kirmse

Ausgabe EINS

Hannah-Sophie Dunkelberg

Janes Haid-Schmallenberg

Mary-Audrey Ramirez

Monika Grabuschnigg

Tenki Hiramatsu

Wieland Schönfelder

Conny Maier

Louisa Clement

5. Termine:
06/06/2020 — 20200606
— Vernissage
Christian August SHINY DIRT galerie burster
Christian August
06/06/2020 — 20200628
— Exhibtion
hi, how are you Maquis Mami Wata
Aljoscha Heims, Maquis Mami Wata
10/09/2020 — 20200920
— Announcement
Theaterfestival Favoriten 2020 – Performance, Dance, Talks Theater im Depot
Programme will be published on June 24th
06/06/2020 — 20201213
— Exhibtion
John Miller – An Elixir of Immortality Schinkel Pavillon
John Miller
05/06/2020 — 20200620
— Exhibtion
Jiwon Kim. One of the Most Significant Exhibitions feldfünf - Projekträume im Metropolenhaus
Jiwon Kim
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