COLLECTION N°8 at Hotel Amigo, Brussels, curated by Christel Montury and Fabien Villon


Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Aline Bouvy, Wang Du, Albrecht Dürer, Hr Giger, Gregor Hildebrandt, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Michael Jones Mckean, Adrien Missika, Anne Neukamp, David De Tscharner


Interior and the collectors is pleased to occupy several spaces of hotel Amigo during Artbrussels art fair. This group show in a luxury hotel pursues one of our constant issue of inhabited space as exhibition space in another context and other constraints. Here, we become collectors and we decide on the choice of artists, not by following a theme or a particular issue but through a more personal logic that allows us to cross genres and mix emerging artists with established artists. The showcased artists are not there to decorate the walls, they bring an added value, a reflection, a way of viewing our time. Some question the limits of our perception of reality, others are buried in the limbo of our unconscious. The hotel becomes the ideal place to reveal them.

Appropriating a space is a commitment of trust and a requirement towards the host. Whether one is drinking, eating or sleeping, this is a way to experience a state of mind. It’s a frame, an interior space that each customer occupies differently. The constitution of inhabiting has a greater need of poetry, imagination and fantasy. The hotel is not a passageway like any other, it is an inhabited place. The hotel is the opposite of a white cube, It doesn’t disappear behind the artworks. Whether in a room, a corridor, an elevator, a vestibule, a meeting room, everything is an excuse to allow a customer to find themselves in front of an artwork. Whatever the time of day, the visitor may appreciate or not this moment but he will have been feeling an emotion.

Christel Montury

Hotel Amigo
1 rue de l’Amigo


Photo credits: Christel Montury