Coming up: heavy Paws


heavy Paws

a show with + by
Annie Åkerman, Cecilia Hylta Bjartmar, David Stjernholm, Gianna Surangkanjanajai
Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Hannibal Andersen, Nathan Gassaway, Sarah Rosengarten, Anna Rettl

Thursday, 24 August, Opening Reception: 6 pm

Opening hours 25 -30 August
11 am – 6 pm

Hans Egedes Gade 21, 2 tv.

Me and my nephew were out for a walk when we came across this sea of webs. My nephew was stunned by the sheer mass of them, covering gigantic flood plains, trees and gates. It must have been about 30 to 40 metres in length, requiring millions of tiny spiders to construct it. My nephew paused and stated “this is a sea of spiders” and reached elbow deep into the webs.

In total silence, the web exp(anded)(loded)(lored)(osed). The gray mass deflated in my nephew’s hands, opening up like the foot of a duck or a strange bat. I felt the sensation of staring at a clump of hair that blocks the shower drain, the mornin
g after being seduced by the person who it used to belong to. I (usually) let it sit until the water blocks the sight of it, to the point where I couldn’t possibly see what I’d actually like to reach for.

My nephew rubbed his hands clean on my felt vest, contently saying: “There we go — A skillful combination of the 20 types of amino acids with a an endless potential for unprecedented versatility. Elastic, thin and tougher than steel”

*me struggling with the ground*