Cosmopolitanissimo @ Jimmy Hoo


is a collaboration between Davids Poufong, Elke Lente and Filip Gilissen

The most cosmopolitan club in Brussels, conveniently located in the uptown neighborhood of the city is called ‘Jimmy Hoo’. It’s officially the go-to venue for any nightlife enthusiast! Jimmy Hoo is famous for it’s in-house restaurant, it’s inviting management, and rotating line-up of crowd pleasing variety DJ’s that keeps the clubbers jamming all through the night with the best of Disco, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, and Funk.

On Thursday the 14th of December at 8 pm a one night exhibition opened in ‘Le Hall D’entrée, Le Fumoir, Le Vestiaire, Le Club, Le Bar, Le V.I.P., La cage d’escalier et Les Toilettes’. The name of the exhibition is ‘Cosmopolitanissimo’ and the entrance was free. The exhibition raises questions about the value of authenticity in relation to progress and art’s social role. What was provincial yesterday? What is authentic now? What will be Cosmopolitan tomorrow?

‘Cosmopolitanissimo’ researches the potential of the strategy of selfdenunciatory design versus self-design as selfsacrifice.

With contributions by: Fatima Al Qadiri & Khalid al Gharaball – Ludovic Beillard – Zuzanna Czebatul Laurent Dupont – Cédric Fargues – Jean-Gwénolé Fleuriot – Filip Gilissen Alberto Garcia Del Castillo – Harmonie Grunge – Steinar Haga Kristensen Marie Karlberg – Kareem Lotfy – Lulou Margarine – Marlie Mul – Josip Novosel Carl Palm – Mick Peter Baker – Puppies Puppies – Ria Pacquée – Riccardo Paratore Anna Solal – Life Sport – Carter Seddon – Stefan Tcherepnin – Amalia Ulman Ultra Violet Production House – Mario Zabatti – Bruno Zhu

Club Jimmy Hoo
Rue de Livourne 40
B-1050 Brussels