»NATURE 2017« – An art calendar with participants of the Open Art Workshop (OAW) of “Lebenshilfe Leipzig” and …



Konrad Fischer
Anica Kehr
Raik Zimmermann
Peggy Pehl & Marie-Luce Schaller
Burkhard Beschow
Paul Barsch
Christoph Rossner
Olga Monina & Fidschi Fischer
Marian Luft
Tine Günther
Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Clemens Reinecke


NATURE 2017 shows the co-operations of 14 professional artists and the participants of the Open Art Workshop (OAW). The OAW creates a space for mentally handicapped people and artists. The spectrum of the calendar is enormous: canvases to be joyfully painted, magical stones of clay and meditative Zen ceramics. Lakeside installations in plaster. Barns and flowers in an empty swimming pool. An orgy of sweets on a harvest field. A heroic trip on the town tower of Leipzig, just a selfie left. Using cake fondant as a primer, a sweatshirt collection with prints made of drawings, the OAW forms the band “Miami Dream”.










Curation: Tine Günther
Design: Studio Pandan
Fotos: Paula Gehrmann, Markus Vogt


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