Saskia te Nicklin and Ditte Soria @ Leslie


Chose a life in circuses / Jumped into the deepest end / Pushing himself to all extremes / Made it – people became his friend … Now he moved into the space / That the special people share / Right on the edge of do or die / Where there is nothing left to spare

From Faster by George Harrison, 1979

George Harrison dedicated his song Faster to the memory of the Formula One driver Ronnie Peterson, who died in 1978. Reading his lyrics however, it seems as if he could just as easily be describing himself. We use ourselves as a starting point – can anything we express really transcend this point of departure?

With georrrrge we pay tribute to George Harrison – to his own struggle and the struggle of his time – the struggle to transcend mind and body and to free information. In this way, Ditte Soria reflects upon his legacy, and upon which self, artist or mother, she supposedly represents. Saskia te Nicklin asks if today we are driving with ‘whiplash’ from being overly liberated and overtly self- represented in this steep man-made slope of a fast-lane-snap-shot-life which has cemented itself within the Western world since the 1970s.

Saskia te Nicklin, Ditte Soria

The exhibition georrrrge is a collaboration between Ditte Soria and Saskia te Nicklin and presents both interconnected and individual works.



Saskia te Nicklin and Ditte Soria.
Bergfriedstraße 20
10969 Berlin