‘Show’ @ Ku’damm Karrée terrace


‘show’ is the 1st digest of a survey on wearable pieces.

Initiated by Annie Åkerman, Gianna Surangkanjanajai, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir, Keti Ortoidze and Sarah Rosengarten

Contributing artists:

Okka-Esther Hungerbuehler
Annie Åkerman with Helena Tan and Anton Halla
Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir
Rachel de Joode
Laura Katzauer
Miranda Keyes
Nina Kettiger
Miriam Kongstad
Lukas Kostiera
Anastasio Mandel
Esra Nagel
Paul Niedermayer and Ernest Ah
Keti Ortoidze
Niclas Riepshoff
Grażyna Roguski
Sarah Rosengarten
Kat Schneider
Hanna Stiegler
Gianna Surangkanjanajai
Frederik Worm
Michaela Zimmer
Nellie Gossen and the sewing circle


Outfits are being put on the wearers’ bodies 2 hours before showing. This is happening with different speeds of thought. Some carefully pre-curated combinations and other ‘on the spot’ outcomes. The hair is being somewhat adjusted / styled.

In waiting, wearers with pieces on hang out on the back terrace off limits to the arriving viewers. A slim glass door allows peeking.

The Introduction of the ‘showing’ happens with the sound piece starting to play. It plays for 1 min before all else, marking the beginning of a series of tracks.

With the natural light dimming, the wearers begin crossing the inside space towards a window to the exterior. They are being helped to step outside. Luckily nobody is wearing heels.

worn by:

Max Andereya, Anna Calabrese, Anastasio Mandel, Michaela Zimmer, Esra Nagel, Sara Løve Daðadóttir, Johanne Merke, Annkatrin Kluß, Camilla Lund
Lucas Jacques Witz, Ryder Morey-Weale, Miriam Stoney, Sarah Rosengarten, Nikolas Brummer, Lukas Kostyra, Juri-Apollo Drews, Florian Mehmeti Löffler, Sigurrós Eiðsdóttir, Hanadi Rammu, Mayra Rodríguez Castro, Audrey Ryback

captured by

Hanna Stiegler, Nikola Lamburov, Alex Grossjohann