We love DAMA, Turin



3-6 November 2016
Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, Via della Consolata 1bis, 10122 Turin, Italy

Inspired on Le città invisibili (Invisible cities), a novel written by Italo Calvino and published in 1972, the aim of this project is to repopulate the center of the old city, giving back to the ancient places in Turin, a certain intimacy by installing a show where artworks can be presented by galleries. Arranged within a warm atmosphere, the purpose of the project is to get rid of the sterile white cubes, which characterize the ordinary galleries, museums and art fairs, offering a more intimate relationship with the venue, simulating, therefore, collectors’ private apartments.

We send you much love from Berlin. Have a nice time and a lot of fun!



»Art may take place anywhere in the world. The white-cube has already been overtaken. We love and need independent projects like DAMA to recall that art is passion, exchange and more than a business.«

KubaParis, Berlin


»At DAMA, where we present a duo show with Isabelle Andriessen (1986, the Netherlands) and Johanne Hestvold (1988, Norway), we first and foremost expect to make valuable new contacts with collectors and art professionals. I believe that projects like DAMA could be the future of the art fair – in an age of mega fairs and online art consumption it offers a more personal and concentrated experience, both for the visitor and for us as gallerists.«

– Pieter Dobbelsteen (Owner CINNNAMON)


»Wschód, a young Warsaw-based contemporary art gallery, cooperates with Polish and international artists. The main aim of Wschód is to promote young art by organising unordinary exhibitions and conceptual projects. DAMA as independent initiative gives the opportunity to function outside of the sterile white cube. It corresponds with the strategy of Wschód, which concentrates on exploring the various possibilities of given space. Mateusz Choróbski tests the scale of artistic expression – from short films to complex architectural arrangements, or contextual activities in public space. Daniel Koniusz works with a configuration of objects, videos and interventions that emphasise the diffusive character of knowledge and language.«

Galeria Wschód, Warsaw


»For the special environment of the red room of Palazzo Saluzzo di Paesana Cédric Eisenring (b. 1983) will develop a new body of works incorporating heliogravure paper works based on drawing collages refering to fantastic literature, sci-fi movie, art history, architecture the artist became known for as well as painterly, sculptural and installational objects combined and intertwined with a setting of cardboard boxes and in a vital dialogue with the baroque style room hosting the exhibition.«

Galerie DREI, Cologne


»DAMA is a wonderful initiative because it aims to create a new synergy between the most emerging and experimental segment of contemporary art and eighteenth century history of Piedmontese Baroque. NEOCHROME is pleased to join DAMA‘s first edition with a solo show by Stephanie Hier.«

NEOCHROME (Margherita Artoni & Marco Marrone), Turin


»DAMA offered us an exciting context within which to present video works by our artist Calixto Ramírez, who now lives in Rome. I think the intimate, unconventional environment will allow for more pensive and contemplative encounters with the work than a typical art fair might, which is incredibly important for video and time-based works.«

– Brett Schultz, Yautepec, Mexico City


»I had the plan about showing Sophie Reinhold and Jan Bünnig together for a long time. DAMA seemed the right context to me, especially in the environment of the Palazzo.«

Galerie Tobias Naehring, Leipzig


»I am much looking forward to the first edition of DAMA, the conver- sation that will be created through the juxtaposition of the traditional setting with art being made today is very eloquent.«

Maximillian William, London


»We are exhibiting Priscilla Tea at DAMA, the only Italian artist we
work with. We love her work and find it very unique. Subtle but huge oil paintings that are transportive, speaking a language of digital space.
Domenico de Chirico and Giorgio Galotti have a great energy and vision which we feel translates into DAMA itself. Quality without pretence.
It is a nice difference to the white cube, installing contemporary work in the Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, a 18th century palace, means new dialogues occur, and with and with only 10 presentations its manageable to comprehend each. «

Neumeister Bar-Am, Berlin