89 Vorhänge & Preshowritual curated by Hendrike Nagel


One exhibition composed out of two. Staged in two different places and two different times there is no first nor second, only a temporal appearance. A narrative that is less told than experienced, by the authors as well as the visitors — not linear but circular. It questions itself: do I always have to say something? It’s hard to divide between visitor and spectator, antagonist and protagonist. Emancipation blurs into determination, but it doesn’t stay solid. Distance yourself! You are as much out of control as you are in control.

Roles are shifted, views opened and expectations refuted. Open your eyes! Inhabitants react to their environments, environments react to their inhabitants. You write the script which has been given to you. Everything is highly composed and still in process, conceptually and intuitively. It is as much about the space as it is about the ritual, not confirming one nor the other. It conserves the moment, stages it.

A stage is an individual part of a process, an area to perform. It always has a behind and a front. But there is a beneath as well. Listen to the prompter whispering! Read the traces! The curtain determines the spectacle, usually it does. It destroys the glory and glorifies the failure. What hap-pens if the curtain itself finds its own spectacular character?



Photography: © Elena Osmann


89 Vorhänge & Preshowritual

by D665 (Maria Anisimowa, Magali Laurent, Emilia Neumann, Lutz Pillong, Sven Prothmann, Den-nis Siering, Malte Zenses)

89 Vorhänge
@Station, Offenbach/Main
October 21, 2017, 7 pm

@fffriedrich, Frankfurt/Main
October 28 – November 24, 2017

Station, Offenbach/Main & fffriedrich, Frankfurt/Main (DE)
89 Vorhänge & Preshowritual
D665 (Maria Anisimowa, Magali Laurent, Emilia Neumann, Lutz Pillong, Sven Prothmann, Dennis Siering, Malte Zenses)
Curated by: Hendrike Nagel
October 21, 2017 & October 28 – November 24, 2017