A new independent project in the center of Turin – DAMA


DAMA is an independent project, taking place into an antique palace based in the center of Turin.

Inspired on Le città invisibili (Invisible cities), a novel written by Italo Calvino and published in 1972, the aim of this project is to repopulate the center of the old city, giving back to the ancient dwelling in Turin, a certain intimacy by installing a bespoke exhibition where artworks can be presented by galleries in a peculiar way. Arranged within a warm atmosphere, the purpose is to get rid of the common sterile white cubes, characterizing the ordinary galleries, museums and art fairs, offering instead a more intimate relationship with the venue, simulating an exhibition taking place into collectors’ private apartments. The launch edition will be held at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana, one of the most prestigious and aristocratic palace in Turin, realized by Gian Giacomo Plantery in 1722 – on 560 sqm, where 10 international galleries will be showcasing their artists. DAMA will be held from Wednesday the 2nd of November (opening reception) until Sunday the 6th of November. During those days a live program of performances and talks will be developed into the palace.







ANTENNA SPACE, Shanghai – Yu Honglei
CINNNAMON, Rotterdam – Isabelle Andriessen / Johanne Hestvold
DREI, Cologne – Cédric Eisenring
GIORGIO GALOTTI, Turin – Sarah Jane Hoffmann / Piotr Skiba
MAXIMILLIAN WILLIAM, London – Magda Skupinska
NEOCHROME, Turin – Stephanie Hier
NEUMEISTER BAR-AM, Berlin – Priscilla Tea
TOBIAS NAEHRING, Leipzig – Sophie Reinhold / Jan Bünnig
WSCHÓD, Warsaw – Mateusz Choròbski / Daniel Koniusz
YAUTEPEC, Mexico City – Calixto Ramírez

Technical information
Each gallery, invited to attend the first edition of DAMA, is allowed to present from one to two artists only in a direct correspondence the venue. The hosting venue will be in charge of providing all the technical details and information to the galleries, including the suggestion of the best spot where to showcase the artworks proposed. Each room will be reserved to one gallery only and the set up of the exhibition will be decided in accordance with the curator, following the idea of a private view into collectors’ apartments.

Artistic direction: Domenico De Chirico / independent curator and magazines contributor, Milano (IT) Live program: Lorenzo Balbi / curator, Torino (IT)
Administration & Press Office: Greta Maria Galotti, London (UK)
Graphic design: Giovanni Pinzani / Robilant, Milano (IT)
Advertising, web & marketing: GG Advertising, Roma (IT)

Media Partners

ATP Diary, Artspace, Artribune, Art Viewer, Aujour d’hui, Contemporary art advisory, Cura, Daily Lazy, Emanuele Catellani Advisory, Kabul Magazine, Kuba Paris.


Club Gamec, Club to Club, Giovani Collezionisti, Hotel Boston Art, Hotel Diplomatic, Menabrea, OnFair, Saluzzo Paesana 1718, San Bernardo, Untitled Association, Vivi Torino.


Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT

Opening reception

Wednesday, 2nd November – h.15-18 (by invitation only) / h.18-22 Free entry

Opening hours

Thursday, 3rd November – h.12-19 / Free entry – Performance at h.18
Friday, 4th November – h.12-19 / Free entry – Performance at h.18 (*)
Saturday, 5th November – h.12-24 / Free entry (Art Night) – Performance at h.18 and h.22 Sunday, 6th November – h.12-17 / Free entry – Performance at h.15

* Friday 4 November at h.21, DAMA in collaboration with NESXT, will present the first album by the emergent Italian producer Emanuele Vesci, at the Festival venue: Via Quittengo 35 (Barriera di Milano).