Abby Lloyd, Why Meow? @ Catbox Contemporary, NY

Pictures by Philip Hinge

I don’t know why this happened
I don’t know what I did
Before I woke this morning
I swear I was a kid

I had two smooth cheeks
And a nose that was always dry
Maybe this all happened
Because I told a lie

Or maybe it was that trick I pulled
On that wretched old hag
When I snuck into her chamber
And stole her magic bag

If I only knew my future,
When I swapped it for an ol’ sack
I swear it wasn’t thievery
I was going to give it back

I never thought she had it in her
To do something so cruel
To banish me to a cat tower
I guess I was a fool

But this, I could have never guessed
To become part cat and part girl
I’ve grown great big whiskers
And a tail that won’t uncurl

Guess I should’ve known
That the ol’ witch couldn’t take a joke
Maybe she’ll take pity on me
Or just condemn me ’til I croak

Now I’m in a feline prison
Oh what do I do now
Oh I think it’s useless
Oh why me, why MEOW?

Abby Lloyd