About KubaParis

We want to pause. Watch. Get Stimulated. Think. Mediate. Promote. Share.
KubaParis is network. Exchange. Participation. An experimental ground.

Our independent magazine for young art, KubaParis, focuses on #diversity, #quality, and #eagerness to experiment within the young art and cultural scene. Currently a lot of innovations derive from this area. A generation shift is taking place. Beyond trends and success rates we offer creatives an independent presentation space, visualising exciting artistic works, thoughts and discourses. For each edition the team closely cooperates with young authors, curators as well as artists. Thus, we make it possible to connect with the works as well as the people behind them. KubaParis is aimed at curious, enthusiastic readers who are interested in arts and culture. People who are willing to walk new paths with us, to discover niches, to allow space for young creativity, to support independence, to rethink the old in #new ways.

ISSUE 1 November 2014; Sold out.
ISSUE 2 May 2015; Sold out.
ISSUE 3 October 2015; Sold out.
ISSUE 4 online edition, available as free HD Download

Nora Cristea und Saskia Hohengarten GbR

Editor in Chief
Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten

Nora Cristea
Vincent Schneider
Seda Pesen

Creative & Art Director
Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten & Nora Cristea
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Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten & Amelie gr. Darrelmann

KubaParis – Zeitschrift für junge Kunst
Nora Cristea und Saskia Hohengarten GbR
Leibnizstraße 69
10625 Berlin

Tel.: + 49 (0)30/23905804


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