AcÈphale @ aqb Project Space, Budapest


Pictures by Aron WEBER
All images copyright and courtesy of the artists and aqb Project Space

ìThe movement of all life now places the human being before the alternatives of either this conquest or a disastrous retreat. The human being arrives at the threshold: there he must throw himself headlong into that which has no foundation and no head.î

– Is it funny or not?
– Its ìnot funnyî, but you can have the feeling of ìspooning in love and angerî.
– Tell me about ìlobotomyî!
– It is a form of psychosurgery or a balloon with plastic plate on top.
– Great, but skip this! Yesterday, Iíve been with Mr. Lecter.
– Really?! What happened?
– Nothing. We have been staring at the ìself-portrait of the cannibalî for hours.
– And? ñ After we had a shower and talking about ìrevelationî of G…
– What about ìTristan, Kewin, Jossî?
– They are ìderangedî as usual. ñ Thatís a pity. So what will be with us without them?
– We will have fun as the ìremains of resistanceî. Come, take my hand!!
– I canít, îitís not worth itî, but show me those ìuntitledî sculptures.

Curated by Peter BENCZE