Alain Jenzer – Making friends with Sisyphos


From installations with mattresses or flower boxes, via the vacuum cleaner being “Doubteater” to various performances and actions with crockery, food and textiles (knitwear, sheets), typical objects from the sphere of the domestic often appear in Alain Jenzer’s works of the past ten years; if not even the apartments themselves become part of the installation.

The sphere of the domestic, with all its works and social processes, social attributions and evaluations, occupies and demands Alain Jenzer in his role as partner and father and is an essential and formative part of his existence as an artist. Intimacy and dependency, balance and fragility, along with questions about gender images, are some of the topics that open up in this sphere and which he questions and examines with the means of art.

In the FAQ exhibition room in Basel, Alain Jenzer has created an expansive drawing with clothesline and hooks.

FAQ Galerie
CH Basel