Alles Geben Alles Nehmen Teil 2

Anastasia Bay, Matthias Dornfeld, Moritz Englebert, Fid. Fischer, Tom Król, Svea Mauslof, Olga Monina, Josip Novosel, Vincent Vandaele

Did you ever see a sequel and thought, wow breathtaking. Did you know there is a Titanic 2? Did you know there is a second part of our exhibition „Alles geben alles nehmen“?
„Alles Geben Alles Nehmen Teil 2“ will take place in a small private venue in the center of Co- logne, on the 15th of march 2019.
The conglomerate of artist that we want to show, stand for a certain idea and feeling of a prag- matic esthetic that represents a decolonisation of technics and rules. Within this retreat we want to create a community for a few days to start conversations within the group and first of all enjoy the exhibition with all its aspects. “Alles Geben Alles Nehmen” represents the idea of doing it and doing it for everybody. We would like you to be part of the exhibition as we think that your work shows fragments of solutions or tools to unify this shared perspective.
The first edition of this show was 3 years ago and we think this business ain’t over.
All the best Moritz, Svea, Tom