ANDROMEDA, Anna Slama & Marek Delong, Catbox Contemporary, NY

I feel very abstract, because I’m an entity that is falling down. No questions, no answers. I feel fear. I feel fascination. Something so remote, so inviolable. This anxiety is for free. It is a pain, it is very physical. I pushed myself, what a foolishness, the distance is forever. Endless fall. This everyday moment of a crucial decision. Eternal fear. Nothing but failure and flying tears.
We live in a world, where any disease is seen as an obstacle to productivity and sadness as a weakness and a lack of ability to engage in the economy. The abstractness of a soul is incomprehensible, its algorithm cannot be mapped and therefore is not considered real. As well as fantasy, supernatural and, for example, a fairy-tale world that is taken as childish, ironic and foolish. Yet they are important tools and a distance to understand yourself and the surrounding reality. The everyday reality of Western society in particular, which expands into ubiquity in its manifestations and demands, not only with the physical environment, but also with our inner borders. Requirements applied to individuals greatly outweigh our capabilities, and our natural urge to maintain a psychological balance has its limits…

Anna Slama, Marek Delong