Anna Sagström

8 Pillars of Trust, 7 Pillars of Wisdom / The Hills @ Garret Grimoire, Vienna

Consider the labor entailed when the goal was to gain mastery of all surfaces; for no one thing is like another. – Rainer Maria Rilke

Embroideries of macro and micro, surfaces on polished du Paquier porcelain. What appears is a genealogy of labor, a grid of regional dialectics constituting a refinement of universality and particularity. Molded and coagulated in barrels filled with aesthetic value, over time draped in layers of undoing until incorporated in implicit argumentation and organization. Abstraction as surreptitious mechanisms, resting on the tongues of the ruling class caressing fictitious capital with their teeth. Nothing to grip onto, nothing to sense, clean surfaces depriving tactility. With rhetoric weapons resting on their laps, and a mutual trust to conceal physical bodies of commodity, they hire eight servants to keep this order in stasis.

Thus the weight of the velvet curtains that offers the service to veil. With only one movement of the hand, a vertical cut through the crust of the bourgeoisie. Vienna 1740.

(Excerpt from ‘Golden Lacquer Box’, a text by Matilda Tjäder that will be featured in the exhibition.)


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All images © Flavio Palasciano

Garret Grimoire, Vienna