Anna Virnich – Warm Milky Acid, Silver Slip

All images Courtesy of Drei, Cologne

Anna Virnich ‘Warm Milky Acid, Silver Slip’
Nov 18, 2018 – Jan 19, 2019 Opening: Saturday, Nov 17, 2018, 6 pm We are excited to announce Anna Virnich’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. ’Warm, Milky Acid, Silver Slip’ features two different bodies of work. Alongside large and medium scale textile collages is a group of clay sculptures, partly functioning as vessels for volatile and odor-forming materials, creating an immersive environment of unstable references and individual experience. – german version below – A smell is a slightly repelling reminder that we exist on Earth. A place where everything is made of the same stuff. You might not notice an atmosphere before it is disturbed and it makes itself felt, it vibrates and communicates, air moves, sends signals, matter changes, entries and exits link up, metabolism happens, substances circulate. Smell marks a constant transition. It is a weird intimacy with all things when the environment manifests as interiority. A smell is the feel of breath, a quasi-linguistic touch of the world. Yet it is not verbal. Neither science nor everyday language has sufficient or objective terms for smells. It is a form of communication but tricky to communicate. Smell plays a hedonistic rather than a discursive role. You can’t smell ironically, yet smell is deflecting and vicarious. It is signifying only in relation to something else. Our sense of smell is based solely on personal experience and manifests in mental images. Recalling a smell is recalling an image of that smell. Feelings and memories surround a smell rather than being identical to it, they are besides the smell, like forming a mood board. In this sense, an image is the quality of a smell while a smell is the quality of an object. It is the apparition of an object next to itself, an invisible becoming of an image. A perfume is the coexistence of appeal qualities – an indivisible mix of the visual and the olfactory, commodity and esoterism, desire, corporality, style, ideas, ads, design, old dreams, future memories and soft facts. And just like a mood board, an image can be considered as a panoramic plane rather than a depth, a recorder of social resonance. And an exhibition is a heap of appeal qualities at a given time. In “Warm Milky Acid, Silver Slip“ a group of textile collages appears next to various ceramic sculptures, serving partly as vessels for volatile and odor-forming materials, enwrapping the exhibition in specific scents. The featured works create a reciprocal environment made of textile, physical, aerial and earthy qualities. From fabric to fabric, from image to object to space they weave an intrusive structure carrying a gentle unease. In this, the works are mutually formative counterparts with material and mental impressions exploring the interpenetration of images and social skin.

(Baptist Ohrtmann)