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City of Thieves


Ve.Sch Kunstverein


16.03 –31.03.2022


Flavio Palasciano


Every City has a Room for Questions scenario i M: “My youth is yours, if you can name all exquisite synonyms for the word stealing.” B: “Bursts of unknown pleasures, cynical hopefulness, moments of concealed sharing, a mind that does not care.” I: “It’s done!” scenario ii “One is ill advised to build their status with things of their personal liking. A lack of excitement, liveliness, or interest is needed for a successful life. Asepticism, blandness, colorlessness, drabness, dreariness, dryness, dullness - all these are valid. Though we start with a thin line, it multiplies in quadrants.” scenario iii Space is just a means of preventing everything from being in the same place. Its vastness masks the overlapping coordinates of all meeting points by graduation. text by Jennifer Gelardo accompanying the exhibition “City of Thieves” by Flavio Palasciano Ve.Sch March 17 2022

Jennifer Gelardo