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Last shower and a blurry laugh


Mouches Volantes


03.09 –02.10.2020


Ihsan Alisan


Dirk Rose


How does the act of partying turn from pure fun, into an expression of a sociopolitical movement?


Mouches Volantes is pleased to present Last shower and a blurry laugh, the first exhibition of Keta Gavasheli and Andria Dolidze in Cologne. In this research based project, the duo transfers observations and experiences from the international rave and techno music scene, into the exhibition space. Displaying works and architectural interventions from exploring the effect of collective experiences to the socialization of individuals and the contribution to the development of the society. Musical artist ZESKNEL will play a special live set for the opening, which will be streamed from Georgia. ZESKNEL is the Georgian producer Zuka Babunashvili who is a resident DJ of the renowned Bassiani Club in Tbilisi, Georgia. An edition of 20 for 80€ each and a text by the georgian artist and Philosopher Gia Edzgveradze be will be published for the exhibition. Keta Gavasheli (*1990, Tifis) works with photos, videos, installations and performances. Andria Dolidze (*1988, Tifis) works with paintings, sculptures, installations and performances. They both are living in Düsseldorf since 2017 and studying in the class of Prof. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf. --- Mouches Volantes is a new noncommercial, independent and interdisciplinary Art Space Project in Cologne, presenting visual and performing arts. Mouches Volantes is driven by the belief that true innovation can be achieved in areas where chaos and order, the known and the unknown intersect with each other. Mouches Volantes provides an open, experimental platform without prejudice and discrimination for artists with unusual and unconventional perspectives', encouraging multi-dimensional thoughts, approaches and positions. ---- This text was written by Gia Edzgveradze for the occasion of the exhibition "Last shower and a blurry laugh" by Keta Gavasheli and Andria Dolidze at Mouches Volantes, Cologne The Hook in Wide Open We are hooked. Fixed and suspended in Wide Open. Means: souls are restricted within the substance and hooked on notions of body, territory, family, nationality, race, civilization... Being hooked isn’t the type of tranquil and serene suspension – quite opposite, this is a rebellious and restless condition of soul, which never agrees to surrender to be territorialized and determined – to be hung on and belong to the hook. Hence we torment and violate the hook, the locus of our „being in the world“ with its permanent components: vanity, futility, death. We constantly and eagerly attempt to destabilize, deconstruct, or destruct what we belong to and what sets limits upon us – the hook. This is a territory of true warfield! During these desperate efforts, we turn the hook into a creative territory – transforming it, turning it into all the possible varieties of appearances; being creative and destructive at the same time we leave behind remnants of the hook. So, the hook turns into bizarre appearances of absurd – a senseless, eccentric image of drama. Whatever and however we rebel, the aim is one – to transgress the condition of being hooked in time, in space, within a limited form of consciousness. In this warfare, art is the first and ultimate "hook-breaker" of all those tools and facilities, which make rebel possible – the noblest act in human life. Yes, we are hooked and human being is a territory continuously generating absurdity with bitter/acidic smell and taste of the ‘squeezed-out lemons’ – that are our, human eyes… Our sweet and careless illusion about life is long gone, we got to know the true meaning of the hook. We are castoff from light-fall, which expends itself in any possible direction and its motion is unstoppable, eternal, and boundless. But nevertheless, the giant longing in our hearts makes us an undividable part of that bliss, that light-fall. Gia Edzgveradze

Ihsan Alisan, Gia Edzgveradze