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New art space in Milano @chezplinio




05.05 –04.06.2022


Zazzaro Otto


Sara Davide


New art space in Milano @chezplinio Opening Show New art space in Milano @chezplinio with Mariona Berenguer, Valentina Furian & Marcel Walldorf


"CHEZPLINIO present GEZHÄMTE BESTIACCE, an exhibition by Mariona Berenguer (Barcelona, 1992), Valentina Furian (Venice, 1989) and Marcel Walldorf (Friedberg, 1983) that investigates the role of the animal in art with its ancient and changing meanings related to human interpretation of culture and identity. The animal, as an auspicious image,  a divine and spiritual symbol, and later  an emblem / element for science research / experimentation, embodies human need to classify and study nature, within an open-ended conversation with man's inner reality and primordial impulses.The word Bestiaccie is used in a pejorative way to indicate an animal that is frightening but also to playfully animalize someone close. Merging macabre humourism, life and death, disorientation, attraction, and repulsion, GEZHÄMTE BESTIACCE plays on human compulsion to domesticate nature and, vice versa, to intrinsically assume / accept / admit our animal nature."

Zazzaro Otto