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BSMNT art space


29.10 –13.11.2020


Curators of TUTORIAL exhibition: Gozde Filinta, Marian Luft & Ronny Szillo. The video is curated by Hyperlink Athens


Hyperlink Athens


Artists Names: Georgios Karamanolakis, Katerina Komianou, Alexandra Koumantaki, Simon Kounovsky, Malvina Panagiotidi, Yannis Voulgaris The video was part of the TUTORIAL exhibition, initiated by BSMNT artspace and curated by Gozde Filinta, Marian Luft & Ronny Szillo


Inspired by Isaac Asimov's storynovel Nightfall (1941), Origins investigates the hypothesis of an eternal sunset to open a dialogue of Cosmogony, concerning the origin of Cosmos and its possible endings. In its post-apocalyptic tone, the work reflects the axis of time to create a moment of a universal experience. Under this prism, the video focuses on the mystery between reality and fiction, offering glances at a different future, even glimpses of events that seem lost to history. Each work in Origins reveals itself startlingly, transmitting an otherworldly essence. After all, it would be as if someone encounters remnants or ephemeral monuments of life and absence while floating in psychedelic dreams between our universal, past, present, and future. Origins, was shoot during a warm sunset in Schinias Beach, Greece, featuring six autonomous artists. This off-site installation’s video documentation transforms into artwork with added visual effects and OST, composed especially for the video. The 10 min. video on display is an end result of open research, focusing on capturing a glimpse of a high meditative state.

Hyperlink Athens