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Times in Crisis


Klosterruine Berlin




WEEK 1: Leda Bourgogne (in collaboration with Rebecca Prechter), Verena Buttmann, Nick Koppenhagen, Julia Novacek, Pablo Schlumberger, Mirjam Thomann, Nik Timková & Zuzana Žabková WEEK 2: Eli Cortiñas, Elif Saydam, Boris Ondreicka, Steven Warwick, Nina Wiesnagrotzki WEEK 3: Magdalena Los, David Reiber Otálora, Lorenzo Sandoval Initiated by Christopher Weickenmeier / Produced by Carolina Redondo


Leda Bourgogne with Rebecca Prechter Verena Buttmann Eli Cortiñas Nick Koppenhagen Magdalena Los Julia Novacek Boris Ondreička David Reiber Otálora Lorenzo Sandoval Pablo Schlumberger Mirjam Thomann Elif Saydam & Maxi Wallenhorst Nik Timková & Zuzana Žabková Steven Warwick Nina Wiesnagrotzki The COVID-19 outbreak has done away with ordinary life. For now. But when exactly is this now? To act in this crisis is to anticipate its effects, to not waste time. All the while in Wuhan, China, the numbers of new infections are stagnating and the worst appears a thing of the past. The far-reaching measures of “social distancing” enforced by the state and the subsequent suspension of our everyday routines are bound to further obscure our sense of time. Trying to stay in touch with the “outside world”, many of us turn to the news, exposing us to a time that is nothing but a sequence of events, one that can virtually be sped up at will. “Times in Crisis” invites artists to adapt the format of the video diary and to keep track of their time. Insisting on daily repetition, it constitutes an invitation to check in and slow down. After all, the speed of the virus spreading, is the same with which people go to work, take breaks, meet friends, have a drink, take the stairs and sleep. Against the predominant impression that we don’t have any, we actually do have time. Time we should use, to take care of each other.