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Berlin Masters Exhibition

Billie Clarken, Tourist Trap, 2020, 300x200x200 cm
Billie Clarken, Tourist Trap, 2020, 300x200x200 cm


Berlin Master Foundation


18.08 –28.08.2020


Philipp Bollmann


Billie Clarken


BERLIN MASTERS is a promotion platform and a curated exhibition for artists under the age of 30, living and working in Berlin. Initiated by the art expert, Matthias Arndt in 2013, the BERLIN MASTERS exhibition is held annually in various prominent locations throughout Berlin and is open to the public for approximately 2 weeks. The exhibition is curated by, Philipp Bollmann. Participating Artists: Evelyn Bencicova Billie Clarken Lena Marie Emrich Jorinde Fischer Alice Hauck & Amelie Plümpe Eric Meier Manuel Resch & Maximilian Maria Willeit Fabian Warnsing Julius Weigel


2020, TOURIST TRAP UV- printed polyurethane, steel pipe An image-saturated mass hangs onto it’s erected hook. It’s permeable surface holds a commoditised depiction of a magic trick, that mirrors an infamous paparazzi shot of Britney Spears exposing herself while getting out of a car in the early 2000s. TOURIST TRAP is part of an ongoing investigation of what reveals itself to be the bait in the illusionary traps that humans find themselves lured into.