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Was wurde aus der Blauen Lagune (What happened to the Blue Lagoon)


Junge Kunst Wolfsburg




Philipp Lange


With textile objects, wall applications and graphics Karla Zipfel creates an expansive spatial setting in Junge Kunst e.V. The individual components were created in reference to existing everyday objects and designs, merging these into hybrid entities. Outdoor clothing, charm necklaces or placeholder images serve as reference points, through which nature and places such as mountains and beaches are examined as a projection surface of middle-class longing. The title of the exhibition opens up the fraction between fiction and reality, kitsch and consequence. And what happened to the Blue Lagoon? Today, the South Pacific island Nanuya Levu, shooting location of the homonymous blockbuster from the 1980s, has been converted into a luxury resort in private ownership of a US-American company. Within Europe, the name is carried by several bathing resorts, theme parks and the largest center of prefabricated houses.