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Taupe – Philipp Dorl presented by Kazuya Tsuji

Taupe | Philipp Dorl

Taupe is a solo exhibition of new work by Philipp Dorl at Art Lacuna project space
presented by Kazuya Tsuji. Rooted in photography, Dorl’s practice spans across
different media with a particular interest in the threshold between photography and
sculpture. The title Taupe, a colour so hard to determine points towards his interest in
phenomenology, perceptual oscillation and the visual unconscious.
The exhibition includes a large print-out of a google-ripped image of an ideal dojo; a
traditional Japanese martial arts gym. This work is accompanied by a set of floor pieces
of wet salt which is changing its condition from slushy to solid during the exhibition.
The minimalistic and geometrically perfect appearance of the dojo works is
accompanied by two works of Orifices, Dorl’s latest series of photographs depicting
small flint stones laying on a mirror. These apparently floating, indeterminate objects
address the hidden similar to the ink blobs in a Rorschach test. All shown works respond
to places of passage and transformation. Spanning from the idealized emptiness of the
mind in the spacial representation of the dojo to the dark floating cavities of the Orifices
images which can be seen as a gateway to the unconscious.

Philipp Dorl was born in 1978 in Berlin and lives and works in London. He graduated
from the Royal College of Art in 2013. Recent shows include Light Image and Data
Image–Traces of Concrete Photography at the Museum im Kulturspeicher in Würzburg
(GER ), The Bielefeld School in Bielefeld (GER ), Slit Backdrop (solo show) at Pavlov’s Dog
in Berlin, FFWE 2013 at The Photographers Gallery, London and DashDotDash at the
London Art Fair in 2013.

*Taupe is a vague color term which may refer to almost any grayish-brown or brownish-gray, but true taupe is difficult to pinpoint as brown or gray. (Wikipedia)

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London Battersea
48 Falcon Road
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Taupe is the first exhibition in a series of shows curated by Kazuja Tsuji.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-20 um 07.05.06
Dojo (floor piece) 2015, mdf moulds, salt, water, 12 pieces
Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-20 um 07.05.15
Taupe, install view, 2015
Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-20 um 07.05.26
Taupe, install view, 2015


Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-19 um 18.28.36
Orifice I 2014, Giclée print


Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-19 um 18.28.16
Orifice III 2014, Giclée print

all images © by Philipp Dorl, 2015