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Fenja Cambeis, Béla Feldberg, Moritz Haas, Felix Krapp, Lukas Müller, Kiki Soleil,SOnja Yakovleva

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an invitation by Amanda Weimer

“It is not the religious, ritual or explanatory nature of a narrative that makes it a myth, but rather the fact that it belongs to a time when the world was different from it is today” – Franz Boas, 1916
Confronted with every imaginable earthly possibility to fill our time, we seem more and more doomed to a life with this earth. Our being is not only forcing a new escape on the surface, away from realism; an old primal feeling is growing within us. Towards forgotten or newly constructed practices and rites, mystical narratives that are increasingly lost to us in the clearly defined information structures of contemporary civilization. Astrology is no longer just for eso-cracks who read their horoscope in the Gala. Yoga and the will for inner enlightenment are presented to the Western world as fully explored products. The works in this exhibition thus mix the views of ‘modern’ living with the longing to see the world through a higher consciousness.
„The minute that its born, it begins to die“
Marilyn Manson – The minute of decay

Fenja Cambeis was born in Landau in the Pfalz, lives and works in Offenbach am Main and is currently spending her residency in Chongqing, China.
Epic, airbrush technique on wood, 2018, 50 x 30 cm Donnerwetter, Mosaic, 2018, 16 x 25 cm

Béla Feldberg is a Frankfurt artist whose works move between photography and sculpture and always show biographical references. He is currently studying sculpture in the class of Tobias Rehberger.
Silent Cop, cast tin bollard, paving stones, concrete, 2019, 100 x 45 cm

Moritz Haas, born in Stuttgart, lives and works in Hamburg, where he studies at the HfBk with
Anselm Reyle and shows his master thesis “Trance” in July.
Sleep cell, acrylic tub, Magicarms, measuring cylinder, infrared lamp, screen, 2019

Felix Kaspar Krapp, born in Königstein / Taunus, lives and works as an artist and graphic artist in Offenbach am Main. His works deal with modern forms of escapism in the form of transvisual forms of expression such as painting, drawing, narrative and sound.
The constructor, oil, lacquer, pencil and silkscreen on canvas. 2019, 180 x 120 cm

Lukas Müller, born in Kassel, grew up in Hamburg, currently works in Frankfurt am Main & Brussels, studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Albert Oehlen and Andreas Schulze and did a guest semester at the Städelschule Frankfurt with Michael Krebber.
Untitled, 2019

Kiki Soleil has lived in Frankfurt am Main since 1969 and is a mother of three, educator, yoga
teacher and painter.
Prost!, linoleum print on paper, 1983, 70 x 100 cm

Sonja Sofia Yakovleva, born in Potsdam, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, adorns herself with several awards, currently spends her residency in Seoul, Korea and is part of the collective KVTV, consisting of curators, artists and philosophers.
Stringemil, Tiffany glass technique and nail polish, 2016, 63 x 40 cm

Amanda Weimer/Felix Krapp