Johanna K Becker, Markus Bråten, Antye Guenther Nancy Jones, Hunter Longe,
Markus von Platen, Aleksandar Radan
curated by Ellen Wagner & Julia Weißenberg

New media environments not only shape our image and concept of nature, they represent a “second nature” that atmospherically surrounds us and develops its own dynamics beyond the use of nature as resource and infrastructure. The exhibition BACK THEN BY TOMORROW ties in with our handling of a technologically permeated “nature” that is itself created by media in a broad and open sense. The show combines associations made to the “ecosystems” of social networks or computer games with allusions to scientific forms of visualization, in which fact and fiction merge into imaginative visual worlds. Ultimately, it becomes possible to reflect on how this mediated “nature,” on the one hand frequently quotes ideal images of femininity and a connectedness with creation, while on the other hand is located in the tension between “nature and technology” and is often linked to a conventionally rather masculine, anthropocentric tendency to think that humans dominate nature.

Ellen Wagner

Werthalle, Moselstrasse 68, Cologne