Chapter 1 (Summer) @Residenza La Fornace


Paolo Brambilla, Mida Fiore, Giacomo Forlani, Edoardo Manzoni, Stefano Meli, Agnese Smaldone.   

Pictures by Paolo Brambilla

A hen is never alone like a dog

Commuting eyes all around like dogs
in watery subterranean areas, they walk during the night.
I see whores who light fires
and have their sun umbrellas closed.
The road to the farmhouse is first on the right
then straight, straight, straight.
Open the gate in the morning that in the evening the shadows will return on the jambs,
the casts of time that rotates.
A hen is never alone like a dog, a turkey or a white rabbit

Residenza La Fornace is an artistic documentation project in which groups of artists are invited to enter into dialogue with an ancient Italian farmhouse in a specific season of the year. The aim is to create four exhibition chapters corresponding to each season, with different participants for each period.
The collected material will be presented online on residenzalafornace.com
Residenza La Fornace is curated by Edoardo Manzoni and Giada Olivotto