CITRUS NORTH @ Easy!upstream @ Schwabinger Tor, Munich


Clip of:
Pareidolia 2011
Voice over Togo Igawa, 13 min loop
Single Channel Video Projection
H D PAL 16:9 Stereo
Installation dimensions variable


Karin Sander, Vanessa Billy, Matias Faldbakken, Lena Henke, Matt Mullican, Niko Abramidis &NE, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Susi Gelb, Bruno Gironcoli

curated by Susi Gelb

opening 19 October 7-10 pm
exhibition 20 October – 16 November 2018
Thu – Sat 3-8 pm and by appointment

Easy!upstream @ Schwabinger Tor
Leopoldstrasse 184, Munich


CITRUS NORTH is the new exhibition project of artist-run space easy!upstream.
The exhibition is an ecosystem: utopian, speculative and biomorphic works form a fluid and surrealistic landscape, wide and immersive at the same time. The exhibition is curated by the artist Susi Gelb who is interested in artist-created systems and counter-realities. She invites eight artists who have created individual work systems, survival strategies and cosmologies.

A text from 1922 about the metaphysician Giorgio de Chirico was an important source of inspiration for the curator and the resulting setting:
“A mannequin was steering a machine that never erred. Three oranges circled around it, moving in an orbit four meters in diameter, completed every two minutes. In one corner there were different planets, carrying out their usual rotations, and a kind of small animal that had something of the charm of a toad. Judging by its shape, it could have been a siskin; without respite, it jumped from one planet to the next. Now de Chirico paused and smiled again. He had understood.“
(Benjamin Péret, ‚Chirico’, in Littérature, Nouvelle série, Nr.4, September 1922, translated by Kennedy Unglaub)