Citynature – Vilnius and Beyond

Vilnius and Beyond

The exhibition Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond is a showcase for art and scientific research which reflects the city not solely as a man-made creation, but rather as an ecosystem where human activity is in a constant interplay with processes of both an animate and inanimate nature. One of the key elements of the show is an attempt to look closer at Vilnius, the city hosting the exhibition, in an attempt to perceive it not as a closed unit, but as a formation existing in the broader contexts of nature and culture, time and space.

The two-part exhibition will present five new works by Lithuanian and foreign artists, made in collaboration with scientists, in the search for parallels between the city and an anthill, offering a glimpse at the city from the perspective of a bat, viewing robots as members of society, reflecting post-traumatic healing processes common to the community and the individual physical body, and trying to imagine gardening in a cosmic city. Alongside the new works, there will be a display of scientific research spanning recent decades, where issues of urban nature are examined by historians, paleoanthropologists, archaeologists, botanists, meteorologists and specialists in other fields. Their research will be presented in an accessible and creative form.

02-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julius von-Bismarck

04-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julius von-Bismarck

05-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julius von-Bismarck-Pakui-Hardware

06-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

07-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

08-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

09-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

10-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

11-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

12-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-pakui-hardware-ugnius-gelguda-neringa-cerniauskaite

13-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

14-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

15-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

16-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

17-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julius von-Bismarck

18-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

19-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017

21-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kuai -Shen

22-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kuai -Shen

23-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kuai -Shen

24-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kuai -Shen

25-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kuai -Shen

26-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kader-Attia


28-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Kader-Attia

29-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julijonas-Urbonas


31-Citynature-Vilnius and Beyond-National-Gallery-Of-Art-Vilnius-2017-Julijonas-Urbonas



Participanting artists:

Kader Attia, Julius von Bismarck, Pakui Hardware (Neringa Černiauskaitė & Ugnius Gelguda), Kuai Shen, Julijonas Urbonas

Participanting researchers:

Rimantas Jankauskas, Šarūnas Jatautis and Ieva Mitokaitė, Iwona Janicka, Vida Motiekaitytė, Egidijus Rimkus, Dovilė Keršytė and Justas Kažys, Oksana Valionienė, Aistis Žalnora

Exhibition designer: Aleksandras Kavaliauskas

Graphic designer: Laura Grigaliūnaitė

Curators: Vytenis Burokas, Vitalij Červiakov, Eglė Mikalajūnė, Eglė Nedzinskaitė

Organiser: National Gallery of Art, Lithuanian Art Museum

Images: Vitalij Červiakov, Andrej Vasilenko, Daumantas Plechavičius and Aistė Valiūtė

Partners: Rupert Residency Centre, Department of Laser Technology at the Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology, Vilnius University Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology, Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine Department of Anatomy, Histology and Anthropology, Herbarium of Vilnius University, Vilnius University Department of Hydrology and Climatology, Vrublevskis Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Library of Vilnius University, Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, Lithuanian Library for the Blind, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, ABB UAB, Vilniaus vandenys UAB, Vilnius City Municipality, Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania: National Museum, Teleport, City of Nürnberg, “Technariumas”