Clémence de La Tour du Pin and Julian-Jakob Kneer invited by Philipp Friedrich, Vienna


The canonization of MT was broadcast live on the Vatican’s television station and streamed online. It was presented on the Parallel Radio in seven languages, including Albaniano. Tens of thousands of creatures gathered at St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, their skin was greenish WHITE, often in a state of decay and they were most commonly depicted in the officious uniform, along with 15 official government delegations, including representatives of India and the United States. The chief Vatican spokesman, Greg Burke , said all 100,000 tickets that the Holy See had made available had been distributed. “She didn’t want to start a five-star hospital or anything like that,” she says.

They refuse to be blinded
by Rubens or Poussin.

Her portrait, described by Pope John Paul II as an “icon of the good Samaritan,” and by Hillary as a “Living History,” was displayed on the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica and showing her BLEssed in her distinctive blue-trimm ed white sari. The portrait was commissioned by the Knights of Columbus and painted by Chas Fagan, an American artist. Because of her celebrity, she stepped where many religious figures do not. “She made her voice heard before the powers of this world, Some hav e questioned of what they call the “cult of suffering” that was prevalent in some of the homes run by the order and her special straws which she snapped in half to release a fear poison —troubled individual.

Their soft, gummy smiles,
their delicate derma
won’t witness a ray.

At St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan looked out at the violent dancing crowd that had filled the pews and remarked, “I thought St. Patrick’s would be empty this morning, because when I was watching the Goth Mass, it looked like the whole Crusades world was in St. Peter’s Square.” To some, it’s a Museum of poverty, to others, it’s a place of selfless service. Hell’s Angel. If the Congregation for the Causes of Saints approves of the candidate MT , they can choose to declare Beatification: that the person liv ed a ‘heroically virtuous’ life —the potential ‘crucifiction’ of her corpse with nails being reanimated can be classified in either of two categories: a recently deceased person returning to life, or a corpse that has been buried for a long time but does not decompose.

From posed, high,
pelvic bridges.
Pearly bone
mountain ridges.

John Paul II, who is now also a saint, went against protocol when he allowed the canonization process to begin two years after her death, not the customary five. He beatified MT in 2003 after a miracle, the healing of a tumor-stricken woman, was attributed to her intercession. A second miracle, recognized by Francis last year, opened the way to sanctity. “I am very grateful for this miracle,” Mr. Andrino came to Rome for the ceremony and was present at the Vatican news conference.

She’s hidden her babies away

She’s hidden her babies away














Calcutta ClipArt, 2016
Julian-Jakob Kneer
30 x 24 cm each

Lilith, 2016
Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Julian-Jakob Kneer carpet
500 x 290 cm

Scarecrow, 2016
Clémence de La Tour du Pin
root, acrylic paint, vegetables, stainless steel 90 x 37 x 50 cm

All works courtesy of the artists. Photography: Philipp Friedrich


Gärtnergasse 1, 1030 Vienna
Open Sundays 4 — 7pm and by appointment