A new online TV network conceived by Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline and Dafna Maimon.

CONGLOMERATE Premiers “BLOCK ONE” on May 11, 2016 at www.conglomerate.tv

CONGLOMERATE is a new online TV network conceived by a core team of five artists and filmmakers:
Sol Calero, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Derek Howard, Christopher Kline and Dafna Maimon.

CONGLOMERATE acts as a producer of original programs, also inviting additional Berlin- based and international artists to realize their own segments, sets, commercials and specials for the network. Mixing diverse content ranging from melodrama, documentary, comedy, interview, music, and art into a unified body, new 20-30 minute Blocks com- posed of recurring shows and one-off segments are broadcast on the web, with new blocks and specials released throughout the year. All content is exclusively found on www.conglomerate.tv

As a precursor to the online premier of BLOCK ONE on May 11, 2016, a trailer has been released at www.conglomerate.tv with excerpts from several new tv programs created by the CONGLOMERATE producers.

BLOCK ONE will also feature guest contributions of previously unseen segments from renowned artists:

Keren Cytter
Constant Dullaart
Christine Hill
Jeremy Shaw

Funded in part by the Berlin Senatskanzlei, CONGLOMERATE is headquartered at the Berlin project space Kinderhook & Caracas, and will comprise their entire 2016 program where various television sets are created for select featured shows. Collaborations with further spaces, artists, and institutions internationally will be announced as the year progresses.


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All images: Screenshots from the new trailer up on the website http://conglomerate.tv/