“Correct is a Mistake“ – Anita Mikas and Markus Liehr

The Museum Leipzig

“Correct is a Mistake“

Last year we were invited to Las Vegas. A very nice person wanted to celebrate there with us so he paid for our great hotel. We took a silver Ford
Mustang and drove from LA to the ‘Sinn City’. We had 500$.
We thought it’s enough, but the receptionist took all our money  as a deposit for the room.

The room was incredible: from the bath tube you could see most of the city. This view was nothing else but crazy. All the mirrors made us slimmer and the inside of our minibar costed more then our three months salary.

So, for three days, we ate for free and drank for free. We looked at the Statue
of Liberty next to the huge Rollercoaster and saw Venice marbles made of
paper. We met Elvis and few more dead stars. We could legally order
male or female prostitutes to our room for the special price 2 for 1. We both thought that Tracy would be the best choice.

Leaving the hotel
we realized, that the pattern on the Casino’s carpet contains a
sentence: ‘Correct is a Mistake’.

We had serious problems to concentrate there. We were just taking photos. After coming back to Leipzig we worked it over into a body of work for the exhibition.

Photos: Falk Messerschmidt

The Museum
Zschochersche Str. 2b, Leipzig

13.7. – 29.08. 2017