“ cropped&reloaded ” by TILO&TONI.

@ MAGAZIN, Siegen

The theoretical topic of TILO&TONI is the image. We deal with basic questions such as:
where do the images come from, which „looks“ are popular, which pathos formulas appear
time and again, what manners of use of images exist, how do amateurs treat images in
contrast to professionals, where is the difference between images of popular culture and such
of artistic kind, and in which ways are media used? We practice the appropriation of images,
visual discourses and pictorial rhetoric not as a concept but on the basis of trivial grounds.
We do not believe that images are simply made up. One is rather influenced by the
surrounding images and it is impossible to withdraw from them. With reference to Michel
Foucault and the discourse analysis, it is stated that nothing beyond the discourse exists. We,
as participating pieces of the world who are bound to a specific time, cannot escape these
determinations. As for us, we do not understand why this should not equally apply to the
world of images. Especially when the multitude, accessibility and fluctuation of images is as
big-scaled as today.

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TILO&TONI lives and works in Amsterdam and Siegen
2010 university of Siegen (fine arts and german), GER
2015 Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Fine Arts/Photography), Amsterdam, NL

shows: 2013 „hip to be square“, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen // 2014 „Allrad“, Gallery Reinard, Giessen // 2014 „I´d talked nicely to them trying to get them to come closer“, Gallery Haus Seel, Siegen // 2015 „TILO&TONI.Summercollection“, Novo Mesto, SVN // 2015 „TI&TO. Summercollection. Secondhand“, UNSEEN Photo Fair Amsterdam, NL

awards: 2011-2013 Deutschland-Stipendium // 2011 & 2014 „Art Award“ of the University Siegen // 2015 Winner of Fotopub Portfolio Award // 2015 nominated for Plat(t)form Winterthur 2016

January 21 – February 15, 2016

Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2
57068 Siegen

25 framed c-prints, 50 x 60cm
01 c-print, 13m x 2,2m

photos: Timi Lorenzo