»DAS ERNSTE ZELT« @ Humboldt Carré


On the occasion of the second »Kunstsommer 2017« Humboldt Carré is delighted to announce the exhibition »Das Ernste Zelt«. The participating artists are graduates from Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee & invited friends. Together they transform the conference rooms into an exhibition parcour.

»Das Ernste Zelt« is contemplating on the role a room plays in terms of its content. Furthermore it´s raising the question how content is received and interpreted. The tent is assumingly the oldest form of a human protection construction serving against the adversities of nature. Simple, mobile summer tents are accounted for since the ancient Stone Age. These days you associate a tent with emergency accommodations, camping or parties of any kind.

In setting up a plastic tent in the conference and event center some sort of protection is created against the latte-macchiato-paint on the walls. The combination of sculpture, painting, drawing and photography within the tent demonstrates an alternative way to present art. The existing interior is challenged through deliberately ignoring it and planting external displays.

The question if a space can be the right or the wrong space for something particular has become obsolete at least since the famously infamous beer tent speech of Angela Merkel. To demand the independence of the Europeans in a political convention (of a rather conservative party) in a beer tent proves, in the most-german-way-possible, how complicated the topic of “space” is – not only within the field of art.

The exhibition functions as an experiment beyond pragmatic flip charts, projector walls, chairs and bar tables or artificial lemon trees. It questions the methods of interior experts, who design spaces like the Humboldt Carré in a more or less appropriate manner or style. »Das Ernste Zelt« conquers a seemingly art adverse, strongly contextually determined space and invites you to not only discover the exhibits but also that which is emerging between exhibition and room.





Humboldt Carré
Sascha Brylla
Marlene Zoe Burz
Matthias Esch
Manuel Kirsch
Linda Kuhn
Martin Maeller
Chrischa Venus Oswald
Björn Streeck
31.07.2017 – 18.08.2017
Closed 04.08.2017 & 07.08.2017
Behrenstrasse 42
10117 Berlin