Die Nase – Peggy Pehl


Pictures by Paula Gehrmann

This was the plan of a small scale enterprise. Two industries of common realities are mixed here.
On one side there is the figure of a beer brewery, on the other side we find a laundry shop in a simulated cleaning process.
Time stands still. What appears as a clock has stopped ticking; it is apicture.
The exhibition space act as an intersection between installation and painting; they overlap like clouds.
Two exquisite shoes indicate Anita who runs this place. Viewers can be a part of it as well.
The wall window is ambiguous and is the supply input to the shop. The beer brewery system seems to be the output of the whole affair. Fabrics give the beat. Even so commercial efficiency is excluded. The treated fabrics are delighted with beer fragrance and packed in suit bags. The stench and the noise are limited to the the viewer‘s capacity.
It is possible to escape, anytime.“

Anita EF

Bistro 21
Leipzig/ Germany